This is really new. Researchers have finally discovered why strange "fingers" appear from solar flares. More here

Credit: NASA SDO
Credit: NASA SDO

This is really new. A team of researchers and scientists have discovered why those strange "fingers" we see in solar flares appear. This new discovery could help us learn more about the Sun and mitigate its potentially devastating effects, says the Independent. 

Researchers have noticed some strange eruptions 20 years ago, noticing in them a kind of "fingers" of them. These strange "fingers" seem to fall down, which is very strange. Researchers have long ago discovered that solar flares are formed due to the bright energy that erupts from the Sun. But, there are also gaps, also called "over-arcade downflows" which, even if they start from the Sun, start to go down. 

It has been assumed so far that these gaps have something to do with magnetic reconnection. Magnetic resonance is the phenomenon that occurs when two or more magnetic fields break and then reform. Throughout this process, magnetic fields release extremely energetic radiation, which can cause the phenomenon with "fingers" falling down. However, a recent discovery shows that downward flows move quite slowly and reform just as slowly backward. 

"On the Sun, what happens is you have a lot of magnetic fields that are pointing in all different directions. Eventually the magnetic fields are pushed together to the point where they reconfigure and release a lot of energy in the form of a solar flare," says Kathy Reeves, a co-author on the new study. "It's like stretching out a rubber band and snipping it in the middle. It's stressed and stretched thin, so it's going to snap back." 

Scientists took a lot of images from the Sun, compared them to others, and did 3D simulations. They found that most supra-arcade downflows (SAD) are formed independently due to fluids that have different interactions that interact. It has also been found that most SAD-users do not form because they are not the result of magnetic reconnection. "Those dark, finger-like voids are actually an absence of plasma. The density is much lower there than the surrounding plasma, "Reeves says.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 28 January 2022, at 09:07 am Los Angeles time

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