Three astronauts from the Chinese Space Station return to Earth

Credit: CCTV
Credit: CCTV

News! Three Chinese astronauts from Tianhe (the Chinese space station) will return to Earth on Friday. They stayed on the ISS for a long time and set certain records, in any case, we wish them a pleasant flight tomorrow, home. These are Captain Nie Haisheng and Liu Boming, as well as Tang Hongbo. They've already spent 90 days in space and yes, that's enough, so they'll be back on Friday, September 17, somewhere around 1:14 and 1:44 am EDT.

They will return on a spaceship that will land in Mongolia, in the Gobi Desert. This is probably a good choice, so as not to disturb a very populated place for landing, so they will land in a desert, be picked up and brought to China, probably.

These astronauts are from Shenzhou 12, part of the Chinese Space Station, and until tomorrow they still have a more complicated mission to execute by decoupling a module, but not all the data is known exactly. After they come, a ship from China, Tianzhou 3, will go to the Chinese Space Station to bring food and make supplies, so that in October, the next team of Chinese astronauts will be able to have food because In October, China will send a few more astronauts to the Chinese Space Station.

We wish success to all and especially to the astronauts to land well on Friday 2021.

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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