Update: NASA Plans Coverage of Webb Space Telescope Deployments. See here

Credit: NASA/Chris Gunn
Credit: NASA/Chris Gunn

Update: NASA plans to cover deployments of the Webb Space Telescope. Yes, NASA will broadcast live moments from the Webb telescope into space. In addition, NASA will broadcast on NASA TV important events that the Jame sWebb Telescope makes in space. All of these fascinating things that NASA will broadcast live will happen in two weeks. In a post, the US space agency announced that the important steps that Webb will take will be broadcast on NASA TV, the NASA website and the NASA app. 

Webb is the most powerful space telescope ever launched. It will be able to bring us data that we probably did not know about our past, about how the planets and galaxies formed. Webb will surely impress us with the photos he will take, will fascinate us and will most likely make us see the whole Universe with different eyes. The James Webb Telescope (JWST) is a project developed by NASA in partnership with the CSA (Canadian Space Agency) and ESA (European Space Agency). It was launched on December 25, 2021 from the ESA spaceport in Kouru, French Guiana on an Arianespace rocket, Ariane 5. 

Webb is currently traveling to a point called L2 at 1 million miles from Earth (approx. 1.5 million km from Earth), and its life in space is approx. 10 years, but according to a recent NASA announcement, Webb will be able to stay even longer in space. James is controlled by NASA teams and partner spacecraft. Thus, Webb is monitored every day and scientists know exactly what to do with JWST. 

The (most recent) moments that NASA will broadcast are: 

  • Sunshield tensioning: The full deployment of the sunshield, the most challenging element for Webb, will mark a critical milestone for the mission. This step is scheduled for completion about eight days after launch, no earlier than Sunday, Jan. 2.
  • Secondary mirror support structure deployment: The support structure that holds the secondary mirror in position to focus light collected by the primary mirror is set for deployment about 10 days after launch, no earlier than Tuesday, Jan. 4.
  • Webb deployments complete: With the unfolding of the second of Webb's primary mirror wings, the Webb team will have completed all observatory deployments. This is scheduled to take place about 13 days after launch, no earlier than Friday, Jan. 7.

More details will come in the next few days (about time and some information) on the NASA TV Schedule (Public Channel).

We wish NASA every success and wish them and all those who make Webb's mission possible. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 31 December 2021, at 07:45 am Los Angeles time

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