Vehicles created by NASA tested on the hard lava slopes of Mount Etna. What was the role of the experiment?

Credit image: NASA/ESA
Credit image: NASA/ESA

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 06 July 2022, at 00:43 am Los Angeles time

A group of vehicles specially created by scientists from NASA and the European Space Agency were tested on the reinforced lava slopes of Mount Etna.

The tests have the role of preparing astronauts to remotely control these vehicles, but also to test them on a field as close as possible to the Moon. The German astronaut Thomas Reiter was the one who controlled the rover, from his room at a hotel in Catania, which played the role of the International Lunar Module which, at least "on paper", was in the orbit of the Moon.

This is not the first time that ESA has simulated such an experiment. In 2019, an astronaut, in orbit aboard the International Space Station, controlled a rover that was in a hangar in the Netherlands. 

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