We are waiting for new test images from James Webb Telescope, according to this plan

Credit image: NASA
Credit image: NASA

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 17 May 2022, at 10:25 am Los Angeles time

According to NASA's plan to include the latest phase of commissioning of the James Webb, we should expect future "test" images or engineering images made by the telescope, so that scientists can see if the phases will go through the telescope will run smoothly.

Through the final phase of the Webb Telescope, NASA must put into operation and verify every scientific instrument in the telescope to ensure that it is ready for scientific observations that will begin this summer.

Three of the telescope's four scientific instruments must go through 4 phases in order to be ready to reveal the Universe, while the NIRCam instrument has to go through 5 phases to reach the same goal.

Among the phases that the 4 instruments have to go through are the tests and verifications of Chronography, Spectroscopy, and Interferometry, as well as the observation of some objects, observational images, and many others.

Due to the following phases, the telescope may take different pictures so that people can know what state they are in after performing tests or checks.

That's why we should expect images from the telescope next month or maybe even this one.

In any case, after the approx. 2.5 months of preparing the scientific instruments, the James Webb Telescope will change the way we see the Universe, and astronomers are already fascinated by how Webb will show us the most distant objects.

The James Webb Telescope will be our professor of astronomy who will teach us how stars, planets, and galaxies formed and will open our doors to the distant world of the Universe in which we live.

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