We may have already noticed wormholes created by alien civilizations but we didn’t see them, according to scientists

Credit image: pixabay images
Credit image: pixabay images

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 26 April 2022, at 08:29 am Los Angeles time

Astrophysicists say that we may have already detected wormholes in our universe created by aliens.

In a BBC science focus article, Nagoya University astrophysicist Fumio Abe told reporters that evidence of such a network may have already been captured in existing observations, but it may have been lost in so much data.

This means that important observations that we do not know maybe hidden in previous observations of certain parts of the universe.

"If the wormholes have throat radii between 100 and ten million kilometers, are bound to our Galaxy, and are as common as ordinary stars, detection might be achieved by reanalyzing past data," Abe told Science Focus.

The theory has not yet been proven, but if it has a solid scientific basis, scientists believe that at some point we can give an answer as to whether this theory is true or not.

Even wormholes are still theoretical, with scientists describing them as two-headed tunnels at points separated in time and space.

So far, many scientists agree with these theoretical tunnels, but so far we cannot prove that a very advanced civilization could produce them.

"Intrinsically unstable, a wormhole would need 'stuff' with repulsive gravity to hold open each mouth, and the energy equivalent to that emitted by an appreciable fraction of the stars in a galaxy," reads Science Focus' story. The idea would be that "if ETs have created a network of wormholes, it might be detectable by gravitational microlensing."

The technique mentioned above is used especially in exoplanets, for their discovery, but it is not known if it can be used to detect wormholes. More about this method here.

However, this does not mean that if we cannot prove that these wormholes exist, we cannot find extraterrestrial civilizations, extraterrestrial civilizations can be detected by many other methods.

And in connection with wormholes, even after recent studies, scientists have not been able to prove whether they exist or not.

But we can hope. If they exist, then we will be able to travel fast over long distances.

We hope that the following studies will bring us important data about these wormholes.

Source: BBC Science Focus

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