What does the devil look like on Mars? You have to see this


What does the devil look like on Mars? Pretty spectacular as you can see in the picture above. These purple and chaotic ripples made by the wind were caught by ESA near Hooke crater, somewhere south of Mars, offering a spectacular image, nicknamed the "devil in detail". The image was taken by CaSSIS on board the ESA / Roscosmos ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), last year on February 1, 2021 shows part of Argyre Planitia, centered at 46.2 ° S / 318.3 ° E. 

Such images as this are quite rare, but further research is being done on these few observations. These ripples are similar or may even be confused with "chaotic terrain". "Chaotic terrain" refers to unusual regions of Mars  "where haphazard groups of variously sized and shaped rocks - irregular knobs, conical mounds, ridges, flat-topped hills known as mesas - clump together, often enclosed within depressions," says ESA. So far, 30 such regions are known on Mars.

However, this small region with purple serpents has not been classified as "chaotic terrain". 

How was this region formed? 

The wind made a big contribution to the end result. Due to the it (wind), the devil dust, whirlwinds of dust that form on Mars when the warm air rises quickly into the colder air resulting in the formation of these ripples and serpents. 

And why are they purple? 

In reality they are not purple, but ESA used some filters, more precisely 3, combined, which give this color. Of course, other shades can be seen with the free eye, but this image was made with the help of filters that produced an infrared color image, which helps scientists to observe variations in surface mineralogy, due to the sensitivity of the filters.

We are waiting for more pictures of this kind from Mars!

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 12 February 2022, at 04:54 am Los Angeles time

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