When will the first hotel in space open?

Credit: public domain
Credit: public domain

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 14 June 2022, at 11:29 am Los Angeles time

Of all the stunning views from all the dream destinations, this could be the ultimate perspective for any travel enthusiast: if all goes according to plan, in 2025, space tourists will look at the Earth through the windows of their rooms. 

Orbital Assembly Corp. of Alabama is the company that plans to build what would be the first and largest private space hotel in orbit.

The space station hotel, known as Pioneer, would also allow up to 28 passengers to watch the aurora borealis from one of the five two-story floating modules orbiting the North Pole and the South Pole just above the International Space Station. 

Now that the project is complete, the company is working to make the space hotel available and expects assembly and testing to begin here on Earth later this year.

"You'll have unparalleled views of the entire planet," say company representatives. 

For now, the trip could take between 4 and 18 hours (depending on the space shuttle route) and will have huge costs, at least until such an experience becomes routine. Moreover, Orbital Assembly Corp. intends to further offset costs by building a business park around the hotel, where scientists will test commercial technologies such as rocket engines, life support systems, space habitats, and even advanced pharmaceuticals. 

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