Who is actually BepiColombo

Credit: ESA
Credit: ESA

Breaking news! Who exactly is BepiColombo, ESA JAXA mission? We know that the mission that is exploring the planet Mercury at the moment, led by ESA (European space agency) and JAXA (Japanese space agency) is called Bepi Colombo or directly BepiColombo. Did you know that in fact, BepiColombo is not just a mission, it is a man! Professor Giuseppe 'Bepi' Colombo, is the one named after the Bepi Colombo mission. He was a famous mathematician and engineer. Besides, many people said that he has an unsurpassed imagination and even had an extraordinary imagination. 

He was born in 1920 in Padua, Italy. There he was born, lived his childhood, and attended primary and secondary school. Then, Bepi went to the University of Pisa to study mathematics. He graduated from college in 1944 and returned to his hometown, Padua, where he specialized in various professions almost all related to mathematics. At one point he became a professor at the local university of theoretical mechanics, and then in 1955, he became a full professor and this time at the Faculty of Engineering. 

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Perhaps this ESA-JAXA mission is based on the fact that Bepi was born in Europe, but did not stay here. In 1970, at the age of 50, Bepi was invited to America, specifically by NASA to JPL (NASA's jet propulsion laboratory) and attended a NASA Mariner 10 Venus / Mercury conference. Yes, he attended a conference called Mercury, that's probably another reason why the Mercury mission is called that. Then, Bepi is seen who he is, being the one who discovered and calculated the fact that the period of the spacecraft's orbit, which passes beyond Mercury, will be double the period of the planet's rotation. Everything we know about Mercury is from Mariner 10, and the one who did most of the calculations was Bepi Colombo. 

Thanks to NASA, he quickly discovered the planet Mercury and now, the ship that bears his name goes there, according to his calculations. He also contributed to the ESA. He was one of the calculators and initiators of the ESA mission for Comet Halley. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete the mission because he died in 1984. ESA also announced that Bepi Colombo, the name of his mission and JAXA, is in this man's memory. ESA recently announced that the asteroid 10387 was named after him and that ESA annually awards a "Colombo scholarship" to a European scientist in the field of astronautics.

We wish ESA, JAXA, and NASA success in discovering even more about Mercury. We thank Professor Bepi Colombo for all he has given us!

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen

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