Why can't we create the atmosphere on Mars? Here is the answer

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

Many have wondered if we could live on Mars. The answer is yes, but with oxygen and special suits after we solve the problem of "how to get to Mars". NASA estimates that for a manned trip to Mars, it would take more than 200 days to get there safely. And for 200 days there may not be enough oxygen. Fuel may exist, especially since other rovers have been sent to Mars, but unfortunately, we may not have enough oxygen. But then there is the question: When we get there, how do we live? Can we create the atmosphere on Mars? The answer is yes, we could have created the atmosphere on Mars, according to Elon Musk. 

He suggested that we could divert a comet directly to Mars, and that impact, which would probably make Mars move out of orbit, could naturally create an atmosphere in a few years. The problem is that it will last a few years. So, we could create the atmosphere on Mars, but it wouldn't last more than a few years. The impact of a comet that Elon would like to make may create the atmosphere, but it may not last long. This is because Mars has a much smaller magnetic field than Earth, maybe even very small. If there is not a strong enough magnetic field on a planet, then the atmosphere cannot be kept there, around the planet. 

The magnetic field is the one that keeps that atmosphere close to the planet, without a strong magnetic field, the atmosphere begins to gradually disappear. The question is: How do we create a magnetic camo on Mars? Here, a big problem may arise So far, nothing could create a magnetic field. I mean, it could be, but for small objects, for various small things, yes, but for an entire planet, that's very difficult. But we shouldn't create it. According to NASA scientists, that magnetic field could only be reactivated. 

Some scientists believe that Mars had a magnetic camo and we should reactivate it, not create it, just make it stronger. Unfortunately, we can't make the magnetic field stronger, no matter how long we want it, a little plug with today's technology. But let's not be disappointed, in the future we may have much more powerful and efficient technologies than now, so the chances of us reactivating the magnetic field on Mars are not 0%, we can do that, but that can only happen if someone aims to think how. We have the necessary chances and resources, the only thing we need is a genius mind to be able to reactivate the magnetic field on Mars. I don't think Elon Musk thought of that, but he can think of it now. 

We wish success to Elon Musk and NASA and everyone working on projects for Mars. Maybe one day we'll finally be able to live there. 

Article by: Andacs Robert Eugen, on 03 December 2022, at 08:48 am Los Angeles time

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